Some early input

Folks were nice to share some tips on getting started.

I was advised to get a copy of the early service bulletins…and so I found a copy on ebay for $20. Apparently this collection of service bulletins was published in 1957 (and some of the copies on ebay are that vintage!) and was reprinted in 1972 (that is the vintage of the copy I bought).

I was also advised to get a copy of volumes 1 and 2 of the Les Andrews books – I found these available online and used copies did not seem much cheaper than new ones so I just bought new copies…I’ve started reading these and they seem well worth the $ (the pair probably cost ~ $70).

I was given information about some parts suppliers. Some of these I was already aware of, and had already requested catalogs from. Anyone else out there enjoy just thumbing through a catalog? Maybe that comes from going through the Sears-Roebuck catalog when I was a kid…seeing all those toys that we could never afford. Now its grown-up toys I can’t afford.

Some of the other info was about upgrades, etc. which I believe some of which is covered in the Les Andrews Vol. 2.

Hopefully I am almost ready to start getting started…

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Like to play music and work on machines. Married to the lovely AM and we have six young'uns and one grand young'un

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