Starting at the beginning

When you don’t know what you don’t know

OK so I have worked on cars and motorcycles practically my entire life. My first “real job” was at a junkyard taking cars apart. I feel like there is not much about cars that I have not dealt with…

So why do I feel slightly intimidated? Really two reasons:

  • All the cars I have worked on up until now were at least built in the 1960’s or later…
  • And I have never really done a lot of interior work — I have done more the mechanical work. And this car needs a LOT of interior work.

So one think I have done is to join the “Model A Restorers Club”.

And now I realize that there is a lot of help out there…I also signed up to get a lot of “Classic Car” Catalogs.

Wow they have real hold-in-your-hand catalogs!

And so…I am on my way to learning about really old cars and interiors…

Should be fun!

Published by lyleblevins

Like to play music and work on machines. Married to the lovely AM and we have six young'uns and one grand young'un

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