About Me


I was born in Columbia, SC — the third of three boys, and with a younger sister. When I was five, we moved to Omaha, Nebraska. That’s where my dad picked up the Model A Ford. Then we moved to Beaverton, Oregon when I was 10, moved to Gillete, NJ when I was 12, and finally to Hopewell, VA when I was 14.

I went to High School in Hopewell, then studied Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA), which is where I met my lovely bride, AM. Following school we settled in Chesterfield, VA where I worked for ICI Films from 1982 until 1996. Then I was transferred to Fayetteville, NC and continued working for ICI until 1998, when the business was bought by DuPont. I continued working in Fayetteville until 2012, when I transferred to the DuPont Cooper River Plant, near Charleston, SC. It’s like I have made a huge circuit of the country in my life, and finally come back home…

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