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Some progress

So on Saturday, my Advisor/coach came over and we worked mainly on the brakes. We pulled the right rear hub and discovered that the Emergency Brake bands are totally missing — will need to buy those. And the cam on the right rear brake is very loose — need to get a new bushing forContinue reading “Some progress”

Pulled the engine

So a very kind gentleman came over and helped me start the process of tearing down the Model A to really see what I have. We started the process of pulling parts and from what we initially saw it was clear that we needed to pull the engine so that we could disassemble it andContinue reading “Pulled the engine”

Some early input

Folks were nice to share some tips on getting started. I was advised to get a copy of the early service bulletins…and so I found a copy on ebay for $20. Apparently this collection of service bulletins was published in 1957 (and some of the copies on ebay are that vintage!) and was reprinted inContinue reading “Some early input”

A little more input

Abraham Lincoln, I believe, said “I reserve the right to be smarter today than I was yesterday”…or something like that. I was also advised about the water pump and fan. ¬†Apparently it is a good idea to have a rebuilt leak-less spare one. ¬† As I understand it, the approach would be to buy aContinue reading “A little more input”

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